We boldly declare that we will be the #1 Dating app, period. We actually provide recurring revenue sharing options for our users. Any other Dating app does that? …….. I’ll wait……… *crickets*

Not to mention we’re Ad Free, even for our free users! Accidentally swipe Left and didn’t mean to? Undo/Rewind at absolutely no cost, because why should you pay for an honest mistake? Want to see if they read your message… sure, we won’t charge you for it. Oh, and did I mention ALL users (including Males) can see everyone who likes them at no cost! We all know that just about every other dating charges you to see who Likes You.

On True Colors, our business principle is simple: if we provide you enough value at no cost, there is no need for us to desperately hound you to subscribe and pay, like these other dating apps do. You will just go ahead and make the good faith decision to become a True VIP member, because you can clearly see the benefits… simple as that. True Colors will disrupt the current Dating app market and take it by storm, with a new vision focused on: Adventure, Health, Privacy, Authenticity, and User Empowerment.

– Jarrod Knowles