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What Makes Us Safe, Health Conscious, Private, & Authentic?

✔️ All users are required to verify that their face matches the photos they’ve uploaded during the sign up process, therefore it significantly reduces the problem of fake profiles, scammers, catfishing, and impersonators. #AuthenticityIsKey
✔️ No Screen-Shotting or any type of Screen-Recording is permitted on the app. That includes chat conversations as well as user profiles. #YourPrivacyMatters
✔️Requesting members to be open about their toxic traits. (we came up with a unique & fun way to get people to be more honest about their flaws. Therefore you know upfront who people are, and can screen & understand them more effectively. The first step to improving oneself, is to acknowledge one’s flaws) #AuthenticityIsKey
✔️Encouraging STD testing and providing relevant education for safer sex.
✔️ Optional background checks #SafetyFirst (Note: Background checks are not mandatory, however users have the tools to either submit or request a match do a background check at their own expense, if suspicious or uncomfortable.)

How Do We Empower The User?

✔️Ad free experience for all users
(because who really wants to see ads in the middle of their quest to find a true connection? Almost as annoying as ads in the middle of your YouTube video, right? How annoying…)
✔️ Revenue sharing with users via paid virtual gifts they receive
✔️ Referral fee for users (Revenue sharing).
✔️ Allowing both a grid & normal view
✔️ User Clout Points
✔️ Affordable subscription fee of only $11.11 a month for TrueVIP Membership (we understand that you have other bills & expenses, and that should not affect your dating life)
✔️ Ease of use
✔️ We allow users effective advertising options to highlight their profile, by being among the top 5 profiles in their particular city, for a period of 12 hours in our Hall of Fame section (Coming Soon)
✔️ The ability to include a link on your profile bio, that can be used to promote your business, etc.
✔️ The ability to embed a social media video link to your user profile
(We engage users with provocative and controversial topics relating to dating, which they can address via a video on their profile. So users have a chance to be vocal and boldly share their views)
✔️ Free Users get 30 Free Likes per 24 hours
✔️ See if a match read your message, at no cost
✔️ Accidentally swiped left and didn’t intend to? Undo at no cost.
✔️ Advanced dating and conversation engagement tools to inspire between communication between matches. After all who just wants to get a: “Hey…”

Why Am I Asked about my True Colors/Toxic Traits?

Biggest Problem in Today’s Dating World in One Word = DISHONESTY. When you first meet someone, there is a 99.9% chance they will only speak of their positive qualities and not acknowledge their flaws and clearly communicate what their toxic characteristics are. That’s a problem, because most likely you will end up with regrets or saying to yourself, “if only I knew they were like this…” Here at True Colors, we value honesty and our motto is #KeepItReal. For that reason, we have created a unique & effective way to encourage people to be honest about their toxic traits, and this is facilitated during the sign up process. Curious what it is? Well you’ll have to wait for the sign up process and you will see…

If someone joins using my affiliate code, will I also earn commission if they invite others to join, using their code?

No, True Colors is not a multi-level marketing company. Commissions are only “1 level down”, meaning that you may only earn commissions from those you directly refer who use your affiliate code/QR code.

Must I have a paid subscription, or otherwise is any purchase necessary in order for me to earn commissions on True Colors?

No, True Colors is not a pyramid scheme. You’re not required to “buy in” or have a paid subscription to refer others to join and earn commissions when they subscribe. Of course it would make sense to have True VIP membership, so you can more effectively promote it to your contacts, but it’s not mandatory to have a paid membership.

Is the app free to use?

The Dating app has a free mode which is limited. You have a much better experience when you subscribe to True VIP for just $11.11 per month, and you get over 16 Cool Perks!

How do I make money with True Colors?

a. Users get a $3 reward, per virtual gift they receive
b. Users get up to $4 per month, per referral that subscribes
for as long as referral maintains an active subscription
c. Users may earn commissions on sales of merchandise

Click Here for More Info on Referral Commissions & Benefits

How & When are payments disbursed?

Via Stripe on a ….. basis. If you don’t have a Stripe account, kindly sign up at

Will I need to file a 1099 for my earnings?

If you make over …. amount, Stripe will provide this. But be sure to consult with your accountant or tax professional for best advice

What happens if I’m threatened, robbed, abandoned, assaulted and/or harmed in any way while on a Date or Trip?

Your safety is very important. The first course of action would be to contact local law enforcement. For more info, see our Safety Center and Terms of Service..

Is this App strictly for Travel Dating? If I don’t have time or can’t afford to Travel, can I still use it?

It is not strictly for Travel Dating. This is a Dating App that is for people interested in just regular dating, as well as for those who wish to be adventurous and travel to date, or perhaps even meet someone special and make your very own travel plans. If, for any reason you’re unable to travel, you’re still welcome to use the app as just a regular Dating app to make connections locally.

The Health Conscious Dating App that #KeepsItReal

#1 Reason for Divorce in America is… Finances. Yea, so what if I told you… you can Earn Money… AND find love (or whatever you’re looking for)… at the same time… Yea… Heck Yea!